Online Conferences


Thinking about the wealth and ease wide access of the world academic community, we created online conferences, with the purpose of bringing to a virtual mode, all the sensations and possibilities of knowledge acquirement that a presential meeting can provide. The goal is to bring quality to these meetings and disseminate, in a virtual mode, theoretical and practical knowledge from many different areas.

Our online conferences, as well as the live ones, have certifications of participation and scientific papers presentations, that can be presented in a live or recorded spoken way or through banners. All the sent scientific papers will be evaluated by to evaluators before approval. After the presentation, the scientific papers will be published in the event annals, and an individual DOI will be attributed to every accepted scientific papers in the congress.

In the live presentation, the author will present its paper in real time, and the other participants will watch and will be able to interact with via chat, after the end of the presentation. In the spoken recorded presentation, the author records its presentation and it will be provided to the other participants in a set schedule. After the presentation the participants can interact with the presenter. In the banner modality, the author sends a PDF archive with an expanded summary of the work, which will be available for download.

Just as in live congresses, the online will also have lectures about different topics and extensive possibilities of networking.

We count on your participation in the next congresses which you can check clicking here.

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Online Conferences

Upcoming Congresses

Our upcoming congresses are expected to occur in:

August/2021 – I South Florida Congress of Health

September/2021 – I South Florida Congress of Business

More information soon!

Online Conferences

Congress Annals

No files published yet. We are awaiting the realization of our first congresses to publish the annals of the events.