Main Author: JOSEINA MOUTINHO TAVARES        Co-authors: Jorge Tadeu de Freitas , Anderson Silva de Oliveira , Paulo Moutinho Andrade de Souza , Walter da Silva Junior
Abstract: This research aims to verify if the water heated in a surgical steel pan has metal contents since few studies are found involving this type of pot. The results have shown that only Al levels showed levels at the limit and above the values recommended by the Ministry of Health Consolidation Ordinance 5 / XX / 2017 after 40 h of discontinuous heating. This may have been caused by the pH between 4-5 of the deionized and drinking water used for heating. It is known that most metals are soluble in the acidic medium and, therefore, Al can be transferred to food. This shows that the level of salt contamination in foods heated continuously in these pans in an acid medium will most likely be significant and harmful. Thus, the intake of food prepared continuously in these pans may develop serious illnesses in people, such as Alzheimer s and Parkinson s. since metals, including Al, are cumulative in organisms and can cause pathogenic disturbances in humans.,
Keywords: surgical steel pan, metals, public health
Category: Full Paper Thematic Area: #14 - Environment and sustainability
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