In our portal, we harbor the following scientific journals: South Florida Journal of Development and South Florida Journal of Health, both with a bimonthly periodicity. They accept scientific papers in English and Spanish.

With our journals, we intend to disseminate the knowledge of your work field through articles publications that have original contributions, both theoretical and empirical.

  • The South Florida Journal of Environmental and Animal Science (SFJEAS) came as a new way to promote academic-scientific knowledge in the areas of animal and environmental sciences.
  • The South Florida Journal of Development (SFJD) came up with some teachers perception that the development subject requires more means of scientific research dissemination.
  • The South Florida Journal of Health (SFJH) it's a scientific body of health area dissemination, comprehending subareas of biological science, physical education, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, phonoaudiology, nursing, pharmacy, nutrition, odontology, public health care and medicine, including it's clinic and surgical areas, as well as other approaches within the medicine and health field.

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