Importance of the use of interactive methodologies in primary education: gamification. Didactic proposal


  • Juani González Muñoz
  • Belén Cánovas Calderón
  • Rocío Muñoz Melgar
  • Jose María Rabal Alonso



Gamification, methodology, didactics, school organization, motivation


It is nothing new that positive emotions are related to greater and better learning capacity and it is this situation that, especially considering the current global pandemic situation with all the impact it has created on a psychological level - and therefore, directly or indirectly at the educational level — creates the pressing need to offer a methodology and class dynamics that arouse the interest of students and create motivation for learning. Faced with this situation, this work offers a detailed synthesis of a methodology that includes these requirements, gamification, also offering a series of suitable activities for use in Primary Education classrooms.