Old age as an experience in everyday life: Health and subjectivity in the voice of the old Basis for rethinking and reformulating social and government policies regarding the aging process


  • Norma González González




Health and old age, Old age and subjectivity, Medicalization, Public health


In today's societies, the growth of the older adult population has become a problem, and in a particular way it is presented as a challenge in terms of public policies. It has been common for attention to be directed to the needs of a medical-pharmacological nature and the interest it represents in demographic terms, presenting it as a serious problem for which contemporary societies are not prepared. However, it is a phenomenon that must be recovered and thought about in the mosaic of a complexity that forces us to direct our gaze towards other references and dimensions that turn out to be central in the claim for their comprehensive attention. Recover the first person speech of those who experience old age; their concerns, tensions, fears, needs and material and emotional requirements, entails and commits actions that in the short and medium term can make a difference in the face of a problem that is urgent to make visible, giving it existence in its different nuances and dimensions, in order to be able to generate the necessary interventions.