Implication of emotions in the educational field: EEQ and ecq validation

Implicación de las emociones en el ámbito educativo: Validación eeq y ECQ


  • Jose María Rabal Alonso
  • María Ibañez Arroniz



questionnaire, rubric, evaluation, emotions, educational style, emotional competence


The article that is presented below shows a detailed investigation about the relationship between competence in emotional education and the educational style —from both agents, teacher and student—. Once a thorough bibliographic search was carried out, a series of unknowns were compiled that, not only as researchers but also as teachers, we were committed to offering the scientific community a tool that not only offered ease of completion appropriate for use in mass but, in addition, it was reliable and easy to use, so that experimental death is minimized as much as possible. To do this, two questionnaires (EEQ and ECQ) were prepared, which underwent an exhaustive review by a committee of experts.