Henciclopedia, Humanidades y una campaña contra la analfabetización del Uruguay


  • Stephen Gregory




Humanities, literature, reading, education, deconstructio, technology, knowledge, commercialization


The author examines the campaign in two online, free-access Uruguayan publications, Henciclopedia and Interruptor, for the reassertion and renovation of the Humanities in the age of Tweets and Messaging under an aggressive neoliberal capitalism that threatens to commercialize and quantify all forms of knowledge acquisition and transmission. The group responsible for these digital publications were responding to the war waged against the Humanities in Universities and High-schools by reductionist State education policies that emphasized only utilitarian criteria to establish priorities in secondary and tertiary education. The article also examines the debate among different members of the group between traditional and poststructuralist accounts of the continuing value of writing and reading literature and their relationship to changing approaches to the notion of “Truth”.