Analysis on the strategy of Rural Revitalization in China in the perspective of intellectual property right


  • Zhixiao Wu
  • Yifan Wen



Rural Revitalization, intellectual property right, Agricultural development, Agricultural trademark.


It was proposed clearly in China's 14th Five-Year Plan to promote comprehensively rural revitalization. China will implement fully the strategy of rural revitalization, improve continuously the core competitiveness of agricultural products, speed up the implementation of rural construction, and take the road of socialist rural areas with Chinese characteristics. As an important part of the implementation of China's rural revitalization strategy, many of the relevant systems play a very obvious role in promoting the development of rural revitalization. Meanwhile, in the process of rural development in recent years, the demand for the protection of intellectual property rights related to agricultural development is also increasing. For this reason, it is essential to combine intellectual property rights with rural revitalization more effectively and accelerate the realization of high-quality rural development.