Chemistry significant learning to reduce the failure of students in High School using LKT


  • Néstor Arroyo Ayala
  • David Jesús Becerra Solís
  • Antonio Cruz Núñez
  • José Manuel Gómez Soto



School failure, Significant learning, LKT


Failure in the area of science is one of the main obstacles that students face, and can even lead them to drop out, therefore, the present work seeks to reduce the failure rates of young people of the High School in the subject of chemistry.

Iintervention strategy was implemented, which consisted of 3 didactic sequences for the teaching of Chemistry, using Learning and Knowledge Technologies (LKT) as the main tool, this, in students of a High School Center in the State of Michoacán, México.

The results showed that the LKT in the teaching of Chemistry, allow a greater number of students to achieve significant learning in the concepts of Atom, Atomic Structure and Chemical Bond, compared to teaching methods that did not include the LKT, due to the above, These technologies could be considered to decrease failure rates in the High School.