Psycho-emotional factors in health personnel during COVID-19 pandemic


  • Alma Cuevas George
  • Francisco Javier Fernández-Clamont
  • Jesús Reyna Figueroa
  • Citlali Torres Linares
  • Karla Gutiérrez Jaramillo
  • César Botello Ortíz
  • Alfredo Díaz-Martínez



covid-19, health personnel, psycho-emotional factors, depression, resilience.


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a worldwide emotional health crisis, which has affected front-line health personnel in care of patients with COVID-19; under this condition, they are at risk of developing psychological disorders, compromising their personal integrity and their work performance. Assessing their mental health will allow the identification of vulnerable health personnel for their care and planning actions for diagnosis, prevention and care of mental health. The objective was to identify psycho-emotional factors in health personnel in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through an analytical cross-sectional study in 1166 health professionals from the Instituto de Salud del Estado de México (ISEM) evaluating anxiety, depression, burnout, resilience and fear of COVID-19, through a digital questionnaire. Our results show that apparently the majority of health professionals were mentally prepared to receive the pandemic; It is important to emphasize that the studied health personnel received training months before the first case was presented in the country, which allowed a window of preparation to identify risks. It is necessary to propose possible alternative solutions such as support and help networks for better mental health.