Response of plants of the fabaceae family caused by different types of abiotic stress


  • Silverio Andrés Quintana
  • Yhemile Mereles
  • Jorge Rojas
  • Patricia Mereles



abiotic stress, fabaceas, bioremediation, agriculture.


Abiotic stresses have a negative impact on the productivity and survival of plants throughout the world, including agricultural crops. Currently climatic conditions such as drought, extreme temperatures and sources of pollution that deteriorate the soil and water have increased greatly. Plants have developed molecular, morphological and physiological mechanisms in order to counteract various types of stress, both biotic and abiotic. Knowing mechanisms like these help to implement conservation and genetic improvement strategies in plants, useful both for the agricultural sector and in bioremediation. Therefore, this work seeks to demonstrate the effect of abiotic stress on Fabaceae, by comparing different parameters studied in 10 plant species of the Fabaceae family.