Apps as a learning vehicle in urban naturing and sports fields


  • Alicia Perdigones
  • Fernando Ruiz-Mazarrón
  • Ignacio Cañas
  • José Luis García



ICTs, apps, engineering, mobile phones


Electronic devices represent an opportunity for the teaching-learning process in the classroom, especially at the present time, where in many university centers, due to health security, teaching has become online. The use of apps (applications) or what is the same, applications for mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, is increasing in the private sphere, there are applications for the calculation of distances and speeds traveled, or geolocation. There are also interesting applications to be used at the University through the practices of subjects oriented towards engineering and the professional environment. Examples could be applications that allow you to work with devices as if they were an accelerometer, surface calculators, or apps that allow you to detect diseases in plants or irrigation needs. Determining the electronic support most used by students in the classroom will allow to know the possibilities of incorporating these applications in the university environment to face-to-face teaching.