Crops pests and diseases management system using android and GIS platform for the department of agriculture, province of samar


  • Dennis Beconiado Durango



android application, geographic information system (gis), international system organization (iso), system development life cycle (sdlc).


According from the Department of Agriculture, there were 9 types of pests and 8,000 types of diseases currently existing in the province of Samar. The farmers cannot identify the types of pests and diseases that affects their crops. At present, the provincial agriculturists and scientists used surveillance forms and damage reports and manually processed in analyzing and interpreting the results for decision making. The proponent decided to conduct a scientific research and develop a customized mobile application with GIS platform that adequately helped the hitches in the department that adequately solved the present problem. The customized mobile application with GIS platform intensify the data monitoring and analysis of crops pests and diseases in the province of Samar. The research design used was fact-finding techniques that provides reliable and accurate results through mixed methods. In the development of the software, Agile model and Hersh Iterative Four Stages Approaches were used. Furthermore, for the development of GIS map, the proponent used thematic mapping and manifold system. The customized software with GIS map was evaluated under ISO 9126 in terms of Effectiveness, Reliability and Functionality. The results understood that the target users perceived the advantage of customized software with a very high rating or 94.3%.