Pedagogical knowledge in the training of teachers: analysis of a textbook


  • Léia de Cássia Fernandes Hegeto
  • Izzadora Silvestre Porcote



pedagogical didactic knowledge, didactic manuals, teacher training.


The objective of this article is to verify the pedagogical knowledge present in the training of teachers by analyzing Pedagogy and Teaching Practice (2012), a textbook by Maria Amélia R.S. Franco that makes up part of the Formation of Teaching series, published by Cortez. Textbooks are both products and producers of knowledge and school practices (Bufrem; Schmidt; Garcia, 2006), as well as constructors of personal and professional identities. This qualitative survey was based on document analysis and content analysis (Bardin, 2011) to reveal the knowledge addressed in the textbook. To guide the analysis, the following themes and methodological references were found: pedagogy, didactics, educational practices, pedagogical practices, teaching practices, pedagogical subjectivity and dialogicity, and action research as methodological references. The results show that the book contains knowledge that can contribute to the training of teachers and provides a method of research that is pedagogically grounded for the use of teachers in school group practices.