Thermographic analysis applied in preventive maintenance (a case study)
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thermographic analysis
preventive maintenance
impact on production.

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Villegas, J. C. G. ., Martínez, R. Q. ., Graciano, J. A. U. ., Aguilar, F. B. ., & Rodríguez, N. del C. R. . (2022). Thermographic analysis applied in preventive maintenance (a case study). South Florida Journal of Development, 3(2), 2838–2847.


The equipment maintenance in an industry contributes to optimize time and economic resources. The integration of new technologies in this activity can help to early detect both electrical and mechanical faults. Thermographic analysis can give an overview of some machine conditions without the need of disassembling parts. This work shows the case study of industrial equipment for extrusion of rubber hoses; the system consists of a series of ovens with temperature controllers, which were suddenly turned off, thus interrupting production. By means of the energy analysis, a variation in the current was detected in the phases of supply to the oven and with the thermographic analysis, a high temperature was observed in one of the fuses of the protection system, which was going to fail due to the high electrical current that demanded one of the ovens. The maintenance recommendations to prevent these failures are presented as results of the study, as well as the analysis of the impact on production and corrective maintenance costs.
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