Social media feedback. a different look at instagram as a collaborative learning tool


  • Ingrid Ninoshka Ruiz-Ruiz
  • Evelyn Jazmín Del Pezo Izaguirre



collaborative learning, digital communication, Instagram, feedback, didactic interaction, education, social media.


This study pretends to characterize the comments of instagram users to have an approval base from the conceptual and aesthetic point of view, to find out what effect has the feedback of this social network in the creation of creative concepts. We worked with the account "@distritovisual" where graphic pieces of bachelor’s students of Graphic Design in a private university in Guayaquil city where exhibited. A mixed approach with an exploratory-descriptive-causal scope was applied, an interview with an expert on the subject and the application of a rubric for the review and quantification of the comments of those who visited the profile, later these were analyzed by students for the respective conclusion in the decision making on the pedagogical relevance of instagram as a tool of collaborative learning that involves didactic interaction empowering education through feedback.