Advantages and costs of kosovo for integration in the European Union


  • Arta Xhylani Kulinxha



integration, kosovo, development, law, policy, economy


A European state desiring to be part of the European integration, have faced with many challenges before accession. Research conducted through the method of comparison, assessment and data collection is propulsion to achieve a target goal in addition to cost-benefits that would be for Kosovo integration into the European Union. The results of this paper, given the major advantages for local exporting enterprises. The benefit of the EU’s financial donations are eligible continuation of aid to candidate countries (Kosovo), also has its pay indirectly. Cost conditioned by the EU institutions are not welcome by the institutions and the citizens, are obligatory. Based on the authenticity of the main hypothesis for Kosovo reciprocal relations with the EU institutions, we come to the conclusion that more work and sacrifice for European integration even if the going a decade of not joining the EU, if there is strong until that time.