Innovation parks and their impact on competitiveness in northwestern México


  • José Ramón López Arellano
  • Kenia Inzunza Duarte
  • Ricardo Rocha Ruiz



economic development, science parks, regional development, innovation


Globalization forces nations to get involved in a constant struggle for their companies to survive, they must be in an exhaustive search for strategies that allow them to be more competitive to remain in the market, one of which contemplates the implementation of the model triple helix (involvement of universities, government and business) which gives way to the creation of science/technology parks. Due to the above, this paper analyzes innovation and competitiveness through the Technological Innovation Park of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (PIT-UAS); supporting this with different articles which talk about the importance of collaborative work to boost competitiveness between regions and that, according to the results found, these parks can generate high profits in such a short time.