Effect of front right toe-out angles on fuel consumption for a light vehicle


  • Riton Kumer Das
  • Abu Mowazzem Hossain
  • Tazul Islam
  • Sajal Chandra Banik




wheel alignment, wheel alignment machine, fuel consumption, front right toe-out angles, light vehicle.


In this paper, fuel consumption for a TOYOTA ECHO PLUS-2ZZ-GE-02 model light vehicle has been analyzed by changing the front right toe-out angles. Acomputerized wheel alignment machine (Best-5800) has been used to measure the misalignment of the wheels. Fuel consumptions were measured for different front right toe-out angles  adjusted by the machine while the car travel is 6 km. It was found that due to misalignment of front right toe-out angle (from 0.00° to -2.53°), the fuel consumption rate is increased upto 41.21%. The pearson’s correlation coefficient was found as r(αF)abs.=0.99, which proves a very strong correlation between fuel consumption and front right toe-out angle. It has been also analyzed the retation between front right toe-out angle and fuel consumption  of vehicle using by experimental method to predict the fuel consumption. The mathematical model proposed in this study can also used to predict the amount of fuel consumption by the different model of vehicles.