Implementation of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology that allows optimizing productive systems of Pymes


  • Marco Antonio Acosta Mendizábal
  • Iván Azamar Palma
  • Esteban Ramírez de La Rosa
  • Martha Guadalupe Morales Huerta
  • Blanca Inés Valencia Vázquez
  • Verónica Rosales García
  • Arnulfo Romero Chávez



artificial neural networks, blockchain, SMEs


Pymes are a fundamental part of the Mexican economy, they are so important that a productive or economic imbalance in them can be catastrophic for the country. Technology is a fundamental resource of the same since they are a tool with which the optimization and improvement of their processes can be achieved. However, the lack of implementation of new technologies in their systems prevents them from developing competitive advantages that facilitate their survival, greatly limiting their productivity and competitiveness. Currently there are two technological innovations that together can provide great benefits to this type of company, these are AI and blockchain, this work aims to propose a new model of Artificial Neural Networks applied to the data analysis of SMEs using blockchain technologies with the in order to optimize their productivity and competitiveness. The research was developed with a deductive methodology and with a quantitative approach in which the collection and analysis of data is used to validate the proposal and on this basis propose the model.