The suffering of “MAN JESUS CHRIST” that preceded his crucifixion according to the Holy Bible from the perspective of pathophysiology


  • Anderson Martelli
  • Fabiana Palermo Martelli



Jesus Christ, Suffering, Crucifixion, Pathophysiology


Studies referring to the medical literature seek to explain the cause of death of JESUS ​​CHRIST using as reference material to the descriptions in the Holy Bible and literary accounts. Thus, it is emphasized in this article and in a dimension, little treated about the suffering that JESUS ​​CHRIST experienced during the period that preceded his crucifixion and death by the reports described in the Biblical Gospels and specialized literature from the perspective of pathophysiology. The research was carried out based on the description of reports in the specialized literature, using verses consistent with this period in the Holy Bible and articles published between the years 1983 to the most recent 2020. With the advancement of knowledge in the area of ​​pathophysiology and the reports of the suffering of Jesus Christ, it was possible to infer the physiological changes suffered by JESUS ​​CHRIST during his passion and death. The crucifixion described in the gospels and the recorded scientific data describe that THE MAN suffered the cruelest punishment and treatment that a human being could receive.