“I’m in the networks”: social networks as a tool for teaching physics and the study of semi-arid energies


  • Ruth Brito De Figueiredo Melo
  • Janaína Souza dos Santos
  • Edimilson Antônio Sobrinho
  • José Rodolfo Neves da Silva
  • Lineker Matheus Silva Avelino
  • Adriano da Silva Lima
  • Naara Karoline de Lima Gomes
  • Jacqueline Silva Alcântara




Physics-Education, Social Networks, Technologies


The subject of Info technology in Physics Teaching, taught in the Physics Degree course at the State University of Paraíba - UEPB, was given a task of developing a project that sought to think about the uses of technology as a contribution to teaching. In these terms, without putting them in front of thinking about the uses of social networks as innovative tools for the realization of physics teaching. Having, as reflections of this project, brought to the debate advanced knowledge about the teaching of Physics, we decided that the center of a specific theme for proportions of application with students from the public-school system in the State of Paraíba. When delimiting the theme, within the intricacies of physical knowledge, we will solve some studies on energies, especially as wind, solar, electric and hydraulic. In this, we propose a project that had the general objective of making students think or study the energies of the semi-arid from the uses of social networks. During the execution of the project, you can use the groups on Facebook and WhatsApp, for example, you can encourage debates among students, such as research carried out and posted, as well as instigating students to think or use these energies in their daily lives, make semiarid. The use of blogs can favor students' textual production, as well as sensitivities present in a critical analysis of knowledge. The effectiveness of this project can put us in front of the possibilities for teaching relationship in physical learning, and can be developed with quality, based on the students' living reality.