General considerations for linkedin of an electric technology buses in the transport systems – test results of an fully electric articulated bus (18 meters) from Bogotá to Pereira city, Colombia


  • Diego Armando Vargas R.
  • Cristina Vanessa Durán G



BRT, OPEX, CAPEX, e-mobility, Articulated, Electric Vehicle (EV), SOC (State of charge)


The introduction to new technologies in the different land of transportation system represents a great opportunity for the academy, opening up space for applied research that evaluates from different angles, factors that are part of the processes and consequences that implicitly may come hand in hand with these.

With this study a review of general aspects linked to operation of a fully electric articulated bus in the travel from Bogotá to Pereira, Colombia

This travel was started on early morning October 13, 2019, since the start point it has been monitoring the energy consumption for that make up the OPEX (Operational expenditures), in order to give a concept that   is valid input information in the technical and economic evaluation process for change the buses  in transport intercity systems, as a comparison is built with previous scientifically proven records for other diesel and hybrid articulated bus technologies.