African Universities: Problems, COVID-19 & Efforts


  • Carlos Rios-Campos
  • Jury Yesenia Aquino Trujillo
  • Antero Alexander Cabrera Torres
  • Janeth Leticia Mora Zapater
  • Patricia Mercedes Tapia Macias
  • María Raquel Maxe Malca
  • Italo Maldonado Ramírez



COVID-19, African universities, higher education


It is necessary to know the state of the Universities in Latin America. The general objective was determine the situation of African Universities: Problems, COVID-19 & Efforts. Methodology, in this research, 39 documents have been selected, carried out in the period 2016 - 2021; including: scientific articles, review articles and information from websites of recognized organizations. The keywords used in the searches were: African universities, African higher education, African universities COVID-19.  Results, Universities in Africa receive inadequate funding, while maintenance costs rise; the Covid-19 pandemic had already had an impact on normal university expenditure and in short, the vision is to create world-class universities, based on African models and solutions. Conclusions, during the pandemic, African universities have closed their doors and due to the lack of technological resources and Internet access for students, classes cannot be taught properly.