Mechanical and Microstructural Characterizations on Commercial and Synthesized by the Sol-Gel Method Using Chicken Egg Shells as Precursor Hydroxyapatite


  • Marcelo Vitor Ferreira Machado
  • José Brant de Campos
  • Marilza Sampaio Aguilar
  • Vitor Santos Ramos



Hydroxyapatite, Chicken Eggshells, Vickers Microhardness, Mechanical and Microstructural Characterization


The purpose of this work is to determine one of the most important mechanical properties of brittle materials, the hardness. Our work material is called hydroxyapatite (HAP), in this case, using chicken egg shells as precursor. Once considering the experimental parameters of force and time of the indentation, the Vickers microhardness measurements were obtained for both for HAP, synthesized from chicken egg shells and commercial hydroxyapatite for comparison purposes. The microstructural characterization of the materials, as well as their specimens, has been performed by the microscope scanning, x-ray diffraction and thermogravimetric analyses.