The importance of creating an intelligent wardrobe uniting concepts of architecture and fashion to facilitate the hectic life of big cities


  • Ana Larissa de Freitas Rizzo
  • Letícia Botelho



closet, personal stylist, organization, society's behavior


The present work is based on joining two strands, which are fashion and architecture in order to create an innovative model of closet that can deliver to people who are living with their schedules full of commitments, dividing itself between various commitments. In an analytical way, there is research into the changing behavior of today's society and how image influences the way people are viewed by others. It brings as a point of connection the profession of personal stylist, how it has grown and how important it is in the current situation of natural resources being depleted - the fashion industry is one that generates more waste and pollutes the environment. After the theoretical presentations, there is the result of the creation of the authors in the form of a closet that that seeks to organize and facilitate the life of a person who has a busy life and needs to be well groomed.