Design and Production of Smart Wearable Textile Products Using Layered Manufacturing Technology with Photovoltaic Energy


  • Ilker Ertuna
  • Yusuf Güngör
  • Fatma Karaoğlu
  • Nazlı Dindar
  • Uğur Can Topçu
  • Gökhan Çaliş
  • Doç. Dr. Ceren Göde



Smart textiles, FDM method, photovoltaic, communication, layered manufacturing


Smart textiles are used in a wide range of areas, such as defense industry, security, medicine, health, aviation, space sciences, environment, energy, biotechnology, agriculture, food, cosmetics and fashion design. In this study, with the progress of technology in the area of the wearable smart textile industry, 3D manufacturing which has started to take place in the industry as a new manufacturing method or in other words layered manufacturing practices are discessed.  For this purpose, a solar panel was placed in the 3D printed material obtained by FDM method, one of the layered manufacturing methods, and integrated into the textile material and to charge our electronic devices from photovoltaic energy was explained. It is aimed to produce, using the knowledge gained as a result of the study, smart textile products that facilitate human life with 3D printed materials obtained from filaments with conductive additive.