Affective analfabeism in adolescents and their consequences for organizations


  • Kelly Danelli dos Passo
  • Marcia Maria Schadd
  • Marisa Claudia Jacometo Durante
  • Paulo Renato Foletto



affective illiteracy, impact on organizations, adolescents


Affectivity and love can build a relationship, where, through their development, one can learn the art of living together as brothers. The overall objective was to identify what consequences affective illiteracy causes for organizations. A total of 2,100 adolescents aged 15 to 17 participated. The results point to 23% of adolescents who can not feel or develop all the aspects necessary to be affective and as a consequence have a positive interpersonal relationship. It is considered that the posture of adolescents inserted in the context of affective illiteracy will influence the coexistence with the other, making difficult the work in team and the communication.