Leadership Competences Education for Social Development: a TEC21 Model in the i Semester Experience


  • Guillermo Gándara Fierro
  • María Auxiliadora Herrera Martínez




Social development, semester i, social leadership, social innovation, community centers


This article shows the results from the experience of the i Semester of the Modality in Leadership for he Social Development during the 2016 August to December semester at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey. One of the premises of a semester i is the development of the innovative strategies that facilitate the students the professional competence development by exposing them to challenging activities and the interaction with reality. This experience took place in the San Gilberto community center of the Social Development Secretariat in the state of Nuevo León, México. The approach to the vulnerable community was developed from the framing of social development, a social change plan process whose objective is to promote the population’s well being. To this end three challenges were selected whose follow up was leader by two professors, which work in the different roles set up by the new educational models, when guiding the work of seven students. Through the i semester experience the possibility of helping the community’s transformations was explored. Continuity to this coexisting project presented is expected, as an idea alternative to restore the community, which was fracture due to the conditions of insecurity in which it is currently immersed.