Informational research in computer manufacturers websites, by the light of national politics of solid residuals (PNRS)


  • Adriana Karin Goelzer Leinig
  • Jose Simão de Paula Pinto



Information Management, Electronic waste, Sustainability, Reverse Logistics


This study pretends to verify the attending with the practices stipulated by the National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS) Law No. 12,305 of August 2010, mainly when it comes to the verification of the availability of information in websites of computer manufacturers. As a research methodology, the availability of aspects related to Reverse Logistics (LR) was adopted through research in the electronic sites of computer manufacturers, with the application of a research protocol. The research was conducted between October and November 2017, the results presented show that computer manufacturers are still very distant from the compliance of PNRS, and only one of them had a performance considered good, regarding the commitment to the availability of information pertinent to the PNRS. Another aspect observed by the study reflects the low concern with LR, being that the last criterion pondered, in the statistics. The results presented show the need for great advances, improvement processes, thinning of methods and a more real and assertive commitment of computer manufacturers to the establishment of PNRS.