Recognition of emotions through facial expression analysis


  • Freddy Alejandro Castro Salinas
  • Geovanny Genaro Reivan Ortiz
  • Pedro Carlos Martínez Suarez



Facial expression, basic emotions, Paul Ekman


The possibility of recognizing what emotion one of our peers is experiencing has been the subject of study by various researchers over the years, Paul Ekman being the one who has delved most deeply into this subject, the most viable and simple way to achieve this would be through the analysis of people's facial expressions. The search for information was carried out using rigorous exclusion criteria such as studies corresponding to grizzly data and letters to the editor, and inclusion criteria such as studies published only in high impact journals such as PubMed, Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, ScienceDirect, APA PsycNet and Springer, PRISMA guidelines and AMSTAR check-list were used. The main objective of this systematic review was to determine whether there is sufficient scientific literature evidence to clarify whether it is possible to accurately identify the six basic universal emotions "happiness, surprise, sadness, anger, fear and disgust" proposed by Paul Ekman through facial expressions. After the analysis of the articles collected and based on the main findings, it is concluded that the recognition of emotions through facial expressions is a subject that still needs to be studied in greater depth, as suggested by the results obtained.