Pedagogical workshops and the problem-based approach as interdisciplinary strategy: an experience in higher education


  • Marineuza Matos dos Anjos



Interdisciplinarity, Pedagogical Workshops, Problem Based Approach


Contemporary teacher training education reflects the specter of an education that today is guided by the demands placed in the context of a globalized economy. The logic of teaching in higher education curricula is still found, often guided by obsolete pedagogical practices. As the current paradigms are sometimes not enough to think about formation, it is necessary to analyze through another bias. Therefore, one should reflect not only on the prism of the theoretical contributions offered by scientific and technological knowledge; but in a way that also encompasses contributions from other fields such as Pedagogy, Sociology and Philosophy. With this perspective in mind, the research presents a structured teaching experience in the Problem Based Approach (PBA) and in the use of Pedagogical Workshops. The investigation took place at the Bahia State University (UNEB- Brazil) in the Pedagogy Course. The objectives were: 1) the proposition of learning situations that promote the active participation of students in solving real and everyday problems; 2) the combination of individual and group work; 3) the discussion of contents and how to approach them in an interdisciplinary way; and 4) arouse interest in attitudes of investigation, action, reflection, appreciation, and evaluation. The work portrays an experience analysis based on qualitative methods and uses as data collection the records in class diaries and the application of open questionnaires.