Panorama of the evasion in the graduation courses of DCH - Campus IX, period 2012 to 2016


  • Ana Paula Souza do Prado Anjos



Dropout, Education, Students, Graduation


This article is the result of a research project developed at UNEB's, DCH-Campus IX, in the city of Barreiras-Ba, about the panorama of the dropout in the undergraduate courses of DCH - Campus IX, period 2012 to 2016, which had as objectives : to compare the quantitate of graduates evaded in the undergraduate courses of Campus IX in the period from 2012 to 2016; to identify in which period of the course occurs the greatest dropout of students; to map the profile of the students evaded according to the type of admission - entrance exam or SISU. For this, a quantitative approach was used in the analysis of academic records registered in the SAGRES system of The DCH - Campus IX. As result was verified that the rates of evasion are higher in undergraduate courses, with students coming from the SISU and occurs more frequently in the first semesters. The number of students who complete the course in the minimum time provided is also very small, which generates more costs for the University. In this sense, it is concluded by the need to know the causes of evasion and the consequences for the personal, social and professional life of the dropouts, as well as the adoption of academic actions, university management and public policies to ensure the continuity of the undergraduate students in the courses offered and the qualitative formation of them.