Study of the use of kaolin waste as a partial substitute for fine aggregate in the production of concrete for pavers


  • Thyago Lima Souza
  • Adriano Lopes Gualberto Filho
  • Deividy Kaik de Lima Araujo
  • Marcos André Lira Silva
  • Marco Antônio Assis de Oliveira
  • Giovanna Feitosa de Lima
  • Larissa Santana Batista
  • Suelen Silva Figueiredo Andrade



Paver, Mining Residue, Concrete, Kaolin


The study of the use of kaolin waste has scientific and socio-environmental value by providing an appropriate destination, reducing the demand and consequent problems arising from its extraction, considering that the construction industry is a consumer of a significant amount of raw material. Thus, the study aims to replace the fine aggregate by kaolin waste in the proportions of 10%, 20% and 30%, verifying its feasibility for interlocking sidewalk pieces. The kaolin waste was used with and without fine material, and physical characterization tests of the materials were performed, and then the concrete pieces were subjected to tests of resistance to simple compression, water absorption and resistance to abrasion, as prescribed by ABNT NBR 9781:2013, and flexural tensile strength test, according to ABNT NBR 12142:2010. According to the results and analyzing the compressive strength at 28 days, the mixtures with replacement of 10% of fine aggregate by kaolin waste reached strengths greater than 35 MPa, an acceptable normative parameter, both for the waste with fines and without fines, making its use feasible.