Data Mining Technics and Cyber Hygiene Behaviors in Social Media


  • Hanna Martyniuk
  • Valeriy Kozlovskiy
  • Serhii Lazarenko
  • Yuriy Balanyuk



Social Media, Data Mining, Cyber Hygiene, Media Platforms, Threats of Social Networks, Data Mining Techniques


The authors present in this work information about social media and data mining usage for that. It is represented information about social networking sites, where Facebook dominates the industry by boasting an account of 85% of the internet user’s worldwide. Applying data mining techniques to large social media data sets has the potential to continue to improve search results for everyday search engines, realize specialized target marketing for businesses, help psychologist study behavior, provide new insights into social structure for sociologists, personalize web services for consumers, and even help detect and prevent spam for all of us. The most common data mining applications related to social networking sites is represented. Authors have also gave information about different data mining techniques and list of these techniques. It is important to protect personal privacy when working with social network data. Recent publications highlight the need to protect privacy as it has been shown that even anonymizing this type of data can still reveal personal information when advanced data analysis techniques are used. A whole range of different threat of social networks is represented. Authors explain cyber hygiene behaviors in social networks, such as backing up data, identity theft and online behavior.