Computer vision and file transfer protocol to identify and transmit evolutionary curves of PM10


  • Viviana Bernal-Benítez
  • Juan Gómez-Malagón
  • Camilo Pardo-Beainy



AERMOD, Computer Vision, Evolutionary Curves, FTP


The following article presents the techniques developed for the treatment of images obtained from the modeling process with AERMOD of data on the immission concentration of PM10 particulate matter. This data conditioning was carried out in order to generate, through the analysis of dispersion images, isolines that identify and quantify the areas of the Sogamoso Valley where PM10 concentrations occur from emissions from the limestone firing process in Nobsa, Boyacá. It is a first approach to the prediction of the dispersion phenomenon and the spatio-temporal determination of the influence that this immission has on the air quality conditions of a region.