Hoshin Kanri and its Diffusion among Argentine SMEs


  • Antonio Adrián Arciénaga Morales
  • Bárbara Magdalena Villanueva
  • Héctor José Solá Alsina




Hoshin Kanri, strategic management, SME, implementation


The Hoshin Kanri is a strategic planning system that possesses the particular capability to solve the most typical problems of implementing such a plan, within organizations. Its Japanese origin has not been an obstacle for its adoption and implementation in firms and organizations of different origins, as this article shows. There still are many difficulties and few experiences for implementing it in SMEs, both in Argentina and at the international scale. The work's objective is to describe Hoshin's planning, providing evidence of its Argentine dissemination, and analyzing the feasibility of its implementation within domestic SMEs. Finally, some necessary conditions for implementing Hoshin are detailed, most of them of operative character, considering some of the specific features of this type of firm.