Questioning as an Effective Tool to Enhance Students´ Interaction in the English Classroom


  • Yola Indaura Chica Cárdenas



questioning, interaction, students, skills


The educational process requires teachers to use a variety of strategies to support students in the process of learning, and one of the most widely used strategies is questioning. Studies carried out by different researchers have demonstrated the positive effects of proper questioning in the learning process; on the other hand, it is worth mentioning that most teachers customarily use questioning in their classes, even though not all of them use it correctly. For this reason, the aim of this paper is to raise teachers´ awareness on the effectiveness of appropriately using questioning in the classroom.   The information presented in this paper has been collected through a systematic Literature Review of a variety of sources related to this tool used in education.  This Literature Review has been organized chronologically by publication and, in some cases, by themes. In relation to results, the majority of researches recognizes and emphasizes the positive effects of adequately applying questioning in the classroom. This tool enhances interaction and, consequently, promotes the development of students’ skills, to make the learning process more effective.