Towards developing of Industrial Learning Organizations in the city of Lima – Peru


  • César Antonio Porras Ramírez



learning organization, organizational learning, leadership, systemic thinking


In order to generate practical data that deepens the investigations regarding learning organizations, in the present research work the dimensions or categories of the model of learning organizations were described, measured and compared with the characteristics of three industrial companies in the city of Lima. To obtain data, the researcher proposed an instrument called “Study of the Industrial Learning Organization”; the results showed that companies studied do not fit to the model of learning organizations, because the company of plastics obtained an average score of 4.14, the metalworking 4.09 and the electric 3.77; requiring a minimum score of 5 out of 6 to qualify as an industrial learning organization. It is important to note that all the evaluated industries obtained negative scores in the category of personal domain and leadership that in conjunction with systemic thinking are considered key aspects in order to become a learning organization; therefore, it is essential that each of the Industrial companies reassess their positions and leadership characteristics taking into account that for a learning organization, leaders must possess qualities of service, of teacher and designer of new realities adapted to the continuous local and global changes, turning their organizations into environments of continuous learning.