Influence of Pt, Ag and Au electrodes on Cr (III) electrofiltration with current density

Influencia de los electrodos de Pt, Ag y Au en la electrofiltración de Cr (III) con densidad de corriente


  • Croswel Eduardo Aguilar Quiroz
  • Rosa Elizabeth Nomberto Torres
  • Segundo Juan Diaz Camacho
  • Eymi Gianella Laiza Escobar



Electrofiltration, electrode, chromium, Au, Ag, Pt, electromigration


The metals Pt, Au and Ag as electrodes were studied at electrofiltration Cr3+ ion. The system of three half-cells were used. The Cr3+ migration from the central half-cell to the others half-cells where are electrodes was evaluated. Current density and the configurations of metals such as anode - cathode, is determined. The electrodes activity varies with current density as well as cathode or anode. The Cr3+ electromigration to cathodic half-cell increase when anode activity to generate H3O+ ions was higher than cathode (OH- ions). Instead, the migration of Cr3+ to the anode is by electroosmosis. The presence of Au as an electrode generates greater electromigration of the chromium ion to the cathode.