Macroscopic currents of ionic channels using Mass Action Law: A mathematical model

Corrientes macroscópicas de canales iónicos mediante la ley de acción de masas: Un modelo matemático


  • Torres Jácome Julián
  • Martagon-Domínguez Juan Mauricio
  • Montes Pérez Areli
  • Montiel-Jaen Guadalupe
  • García-Garibay Otto
  • Moran-Raya Carolina
  • Albarado-Ibañez Alondra



Marcov`s Chain, differentials equation system, ionic channels, macroscopic currents, kinetic of channel


In this work it proposes a mathematical model for ion channels based on two concepts, the Hodgkin and Huxley's as well as the Law of Mass Action in addition, we consider the kinetics of channels as a dynamic process of Markov`s chain. With the previous premises, a system of differential equations is proposed that when it is solved, all properties of the macroscopic currents are determined. The activation, deactivation, inactivation, and recovery of the inactivation concepts remain as processes that are part of a chemical reaction. With this system of equations, all the experimental protocols used in electrophysiology to characterize macroscopic currents can be modeled. Another advantage is that the model allows, with the same system of equations, to determine the properties of voltage-dependent channels regardless of the type of ion that pass through in the channel.