Participation of women in management positions in an institution of higher education of public management - Ciudad Del Este - Paraguay


  • Karen Natali Backes Dos Santos
  • María Victoria Zavala Saucedo



Gender, Higher Education, power, female participation, equity


the objective of this study is to determine the rate of female participation in management positions in a public management university in Paraguay. responds to a documentary design developed through three categories of analysis: shared power, individual power, and access possibilities. The data were collected from institutional documents available on the web and provided by the institution. The Atlas.ti software and electronic spreadsheets were used for data processing. The results reveal a greater male presence either in positions of individual power and shared power, which leads to a low probability of access by women to those positions in the short and medium term. In conclusion, the power is inversely proportional to the presence of women, the greater the power granted by the position, the lower the representation of women; the permanence of cultural models that guide the male at the highest hierarchical level; the monopolization of positions and decisions in favor of men.