Pilot study on the impact of an environmental public health contingency (COVID-19) on the stress and general health of workers from different organizations in the industrial sector located in the metropolitan area of Nuevo León


  • Nora Isela Macías Núñez
  • Aurora Moyano González
  • Víctor Hugo Ibarra González
  • José Armando Peña Moreno
  • Álvaro Antonio Ascary Aguillón Ramírez
  • Martha Esthela Calderón Parga




workers, stress, fatigue, environmental contingency, organization, health


The different situations that arise in society, in relation to the health part, also affect workers to some extent, this is the case of the COVID -19 pandemic that has affected all organizations in some way, such as in its utilities, in reducing personnel, in adapting new forms of work, in case it requires it and in activating health protocols to prevent contagion in its workers, this health situation that is present worldwide has had a great effect impact on people from the psychological aspect, it is for this reason of interest to carry out this research, with the general objective "to determine the impact of environmental contingency in terms of stress and general health of workers in different business sectors located in the state of Nuevo León, Mexico”, for the beginning of this investigation, the analysis was carried out on the first 97 instruments answered, which were are the Perceived Stress Scale (10 items) and the Goldberg General Health Questionnaire, with the result that 57% of the sample perceive themselves as stressed and 43% state that they have perceived some symptom that has affected their general health, as far as At the hierarchical levels within the organization, it was found that 31% of the sample with an administrative position perceive themselves stressed by this pandemic situation, and 26% of the operational position perceive stress.