Social constructions: Basic Infrastructure in health, security and comfort promotion for the population of Paripiranga/BA


  • Jorge Luis Oliveira Silva
  • Everton Nogueira Carvalho
  • Bárbara de Santana Nogueira
  • Ana Luiza Rabelo Santa Rosa Lima
  • Fabricio Ribeiro Matos
  • Danillo Oliveira Leal
  • Fabricia Lima de Matos Varjão
  • Malena Rabelo de Andrade



Basic infrastructure, Basic Sanitation, Paripiranga, Health, Comfort, Security


The present article shows in a wide form, how society of Paripiranga city needs basic infrastructure, especially basic sanitation because, through it, there is a significant improvement of health, security and comfort of the population. Taking into account that due to the administrator change became clear a significant change with respect to such problems, however the city still is far from offering residents infrastructure, even as a right of all enjoy this. The same will present a comparison of the last 16 years and how this current situation of the city and to show solutions that benefit the paripiranguense society.