Master of Research in Psychology Applied to Education: Research Projects. Generation 2017-2019


  • Zepeta García Enrique
  • Luna Domínguez Teresa de Jesús Pomposa
  • Escudero Campos Dinorah Arely



Quality Postgraduate Programs, Research Training, Knowledge Networks


The objective of this study was to analyze the research projects presented by MIPAE students of the 2017-2019 generation. A non-probabilistic sample of 18 students who presented research summaries for the XV Research Colloquium of the Multiregional Network of Quality Master's Programs in Psychology was studied. Procedure. Ex post facto study of a single group to determine the characteristics of the summary presented as an academic element during the training process to carry out research activities. It was found that most of the abstracts correspond to 67% the behavioral approach. The projects are mostly focus on the educational field where: 38% corresponds to Basic Education. It is identified a very wide range of the objects of study of the diverse research from the students: Behavior modification training to teachers from primary education, Musical learning behavior, Parenting patterns and child disruptive behavior, Learning of competences of research, among others.The research projects of the MIPAE students are developed under two psychological approaches: behavioral and inter-behavioral.