Mental health of health workers in Brazil after the COVID-19 pandemic: a systematic review study


  • Rosiane Pinheiro Palheta



Mental health, Health worker, Pandemic


The work sought, through a systematic review research, to study the production on mental health of health workers in the post covid-19 pandemic. Thus, a review of the narrative was carried out, which is characterized by critical analysis of the bibliographic production of the research topic, considering the period chosen for the study. A total of 987 works were found, 891 were excluded because 96 of which the abstracts were read, 19 were selected for the sample that actually dealt with the mental health of health professionals and only 11 were selected to compose the study because it was about post impacts. pandemic. The results showed that the mental health of health workers has always been a reality due to the precariousness of the system, however, it was aggravated by the health emergency and the sociopolitical and economic context and an ongoing necropolitics in the country.