Vigilancia fitosanitaria para determinar la situación de 12 especies de insectos que pueden afectar al aguacate (Persea americana, Mill.) Cv. Hass en Guatemala

Phytosanitary surveillance to determine the situation of 12 species of insects that can affect avocado (Persea americana, Mill) cv. Hass in Guatemala


  • Jorge Mario Gómez Castillo
  • Victor Hugo Guillén Alfaro



MAGA, encuesta dirigida, sitios libres, presente, ausente


The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food -MAGA-, is developing this research to increase the markets to which the avocado cv. Hass can be exported, because one of the limitations to access the market are the pests that can affect the fruit, which are considered as quarantine pest. This study has been carried out in different commercial plantations to know the situation of the 12 pests that may be present, pests that were chosen by a target market, which are: Heilipus lauri Boheman, Conotrachelus aguacatae Barber, Conotrachelus perseae Barber, Copturus aguacatae Kissinger, Stenoma catenifer Walsingham, Amorbia sp., Cryptaspasma sp., Euxoa sorella Schaus, Histura sp., Holcocera sp., Micrathetis triplex Walker and Netechma pyrrodelta Meyrick. The sampling methodology is the one used by Mexico in Appendix C of the Work Plan for the Export of Hass Avocado from Mexico to the United States, with the use of traps and the collection and elimination of damaged fruits. During three surveys we have determined that 56 productive units (farms) that are within this study, 29 have been found free of the 12 pests (Absent condition); 21 farms with the presence of one pest and 6 farms with the presence of two pests. With the available information, it is possible to have a clear idea to continue the process and see which farms could choose to take the next step, which would be to implement the International Standard of Phytosanitary Measures (NIMF) No 10 Requirements for the establishment of pest free production sites and pest free production sites.