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Our academic publisher works with e-books editing. As well as organized books, we also publish monographs, graduation works, dissertations, doctoral theses, post-doctorate reports among other works in a complete e-book.

All of the books are registered in the National Book Board for its ISBN acquisition, as well as its digital object identifier (DOI) registration in the CrossRef base, which is a unique identifier number for your book. All books edited in our company will be available for free download via PDF in our website, for indefinite period.

All of our books are available for purchase and download in Amazon. We also work with physical printing of our copies.

The payment of the editorial costs can be made via bank deposit in our account in Florida, United States of America, or by credit card with paypal.

In case you are interested to publish your book, send us an e-mail to , so that we can make you a budget proposal.

Ebooks Publisher

Editorial Board

- Editor-in-chief:

Prof. Edilson Antonio Catapan, PhD

- Editorial board:

Prof. Adriana Karin Goelzer Leinig, Msc.

Prof. Barbara Luiza Sartor Bonfim Catapan, Msc.

Prof. Sérgio António Neves Lousada, PhD, Universidade da Madeira, Portugal.

Prof. Rahmi Deniz Özbay, PhD, Marmara University, Turkey.

Prof. Sema Yilmaz Genç, PhD, Kocaeli University, Turkey.

Ebooks Publisher